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Eroxil for male sexual dysfunction

Sometimes even the best of us can use a little help in our love life – especially as we get older.

I wish I was 18 again’. How many times have we all wished that were true? Especially when it comes to our sexuality. Sadly, we can’t turn back the clock. Our hormones no longer rage the way they did when we were young. Like it or not, from our twenties on, we all experience a decline in our sexual abilities and desires.

Men’s Needs

Eroxil gets to the source of male sexual dysfunction
Eroxil™ - works with the body to enhance its own natural sexual health

The average healthy male releases between 120 million and 600 million sperm each time he ejaculates; an estimated 400,000,000,000 are manufactured in a lifetime. Sperm disorders are the single-most common cause of sub-fertility. Disorders include:

  • the absence of sperm in the ejaculate
  • abnormally low sperm count
  • lack of motility of sperm
  • misshapen sperm or a clumping of sperm
  • decreased life expectancy of sperm

Sperm production inadequacies can contribute to a myriad of problems. For example:

  • The inability to produce adequate numbers of healthy sperm is the most common reason for male infertility and a major contributing factor in the rise of testicular cancer.
  • Sperm production inadequacies contribute to a lowered libido and feelings of sexual inadequacy. Decreased male libido can be linked to a number of factors including prostatitis and low testosterone levels.

The Eroxil™ Solution

The key to male sexual health is an abundance of healthy sperm. Without that, testosterone levels drop. And so, unfortunately, does libido. Eroxil™ can change all that.

Eroxil™ is a safe, naturally-based alternative to conventional drug therapy and to the wide array of herbal remedies and aphrodisiacs now available in the male sexual health market. And it’s the first that actually gets to the source of sexual dysfunction.

How Eroxil™ Works

The active ingredients in the patented Eroxil™ formula are derived from polyamines, naturally-occurring phytochemicals found both in our own bodies and in a number of plant foods. As these become depleted, for any of a vast number of reasons, sperm cells die or become misshapen or slow. Cell growth slows down.

The Eroxil™ formula works to regenerate this necessary cell growth and to enhance both sperm quantity and quality. It’s this good sperm production that ensures healthy testosterone levels, which, in turn, help ensure a healthy libido.

For most men, a visible difference will become noticeable within days. But, because Eroxil™ works with the body to enhance its own natural sexual health, we recommend that it be taken for up to 90 days in order to receive the full benefits of the product. Once the desired level of performance is achieved, only a maintenance dose is needed.

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